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Creating a Spa Bathroom

soak your stress away

We all love a beautiful spa bathroom when we’re on a luxury vacation. Why not enjoy that luxury every day of the year while we’re at home, too?

You can create a spa experience in any size bathroom although bigger is almost always better! Think neutral colors because they lend themselves to the calmness and serenity you’d like for a spa retreat. Also consider coordinating colors with your master bedroom for a seamless transition from sleep to serenity.

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where to start

Here’s where you can start:
– New sinks, countertops and backsplashes
– Exquisite new hardware, including pulls, handles and faucets
– A soothing paint color that makes you feel calm
– Soft and luxurious bath textiles, including towels, bath rugs and bathrobes
– An elegant vanity, preferably a double vanity if you have room
– Stunning framed mirrors, instead of frameless wall-to-wall mirrors
– Layered lighting for both function and beauty
– Maybe even a skylight to bring in natural light

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ideas for adding comfort

Even more ideas to enhance your spa experience include:
– A beautiful, elegant soaking tub
– A steam shower
– Plenty of towel racks, and even heated towel warmers
– Soaps, scrubs, lotions and fragrances that please YOU
– Beautiful smelling candles and aromatherapy
– A built-in bench or movable chair or stool
– Built-in storage, to keep chaos to a minimum and maintain a zen calm feeling

Plan for a master bathroom makeover this season - you can’t help but slow down and relax.

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